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#AdultingWhileBlack on Campus: Supporting Black Student Success

Within this workshop, Dr. Sarah Kutten will present her research on Black student success and engage participants interested in applying pro-Black strategies in classrooms and other educational…

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Introduction to Inclusive Frameworks

Facilator: Jaime Wood, Program Manager for Educational Initiatives How can we create a classroom culture that upholds the standards of our field while recognizing and respecting student diversity?…

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Canvas x UDL: Strategies for In-Person Learning

Facilitator: Megan McFarland Join us in delving deeper into UDL strategies specifically geared towards in-person learning. Participants will discuss how to use Canvas before, during, and after…

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Learning Theories in Practice

Facilator: Jaime Wood Each time we teach we make a variety of decisions based on conscious and unconscious beliefs about how people learn. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the…

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Trauma-Informed Teaching in the Return to Campus

Hosted by: Megan McFarland, Digital Inclusion and Universal Design Coordinator As students return to campus in the midst of a global pandemic, trauma-informed teaching becomes more important than…

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Community Collaboration: From our Centers to the Classroom with Haley Okamoto

Facilitator: Haley Okamoto Organizing more than 100 workshops, performances, dialogue sessions and other cultural events each year, PSU’s Cultural Resource Centers’ student staff provide…

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Exploring the Dimensions of Equity in Teaching with Dr. Raiza Dottin and Dr. Janelle Voegele

Facilitators: Dr. Raiza Dottin and Dr. Janelle Voegele This 60-minute workshop will provide participants with information on four key areas (Multicultural Education, Culturally Responsive Teaching,…

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Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment for People in All Bodies with Alecsandra Renfroe and Ashley Harrison

Facilitators: Alecsandra Renfroe and Ashley Harrison The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, including how we show up in the classroom. In order to acknowledge and hold space…

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Podium and Zoom Room Components

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Podium Components

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Zoom Room Components

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In Meeting Basics

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Creating Culturally Sustaining Learning Spaces

Hosted by: Jaime Wood, Program Manager for Educational Initiatives“Culturally sustaining pedagogy seeks to perpetuate and foster—to sustain—linguistic, literate, and cultural…

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Zoom Into Spring: Engage & Collaborate

Hosted by: Emily Connelly, Instructional Multimedia Coordinator Kick your pedagogy up a notch with tools designed to encourage collaboration and interaction! Today we will look at features like…

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Writing Your Teaching Philosophy & Diversity Statement

Hosted by: Jaime Wood, Program Manager for Educational Initiatives Teaching philosophies and diversity statements often serve as the first impression during interviews or promotions, so what's…

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Teaching Innovation Conference: Contemplative Practice in Higher Education

Holistic inclusion calls for true inclusive practices within oneself before exploring inclusion within the learning community. At the winter 2021 Teaching Innovation Conference participants were…

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