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240213 ARCH 426 Lecture

Revit Walls and Floors

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240208 ARCH 426 Part 2

Revit + Datum + Grid + beginning walls

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240208 ARCH 426 Part 1

Revit and Titleblocks

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Week 5 - Anarchy by Nature (Civil Rights Movement)

In this recording, we further our exploration of world-making political ideologies within the Civil Rights Movement transitioning from black nationalism into anarchism in the early twentieth century.

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Week 5 - Anarchy by Nature (Black Feminism / Womanism)

This week we are focusing on the world-making elements of black feminism / womanism through a close analysis of anarchism as embedded into the nature of black feminist political and street life.

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Week 4 - Black Nationalism (Civil Rights Movement)

This week we are continuing our considerations of civility and its purpose and the strife behind gaining "first-class" citizenship in post-Emancipated America.

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Week 4 - This Woman's Work (Black Feminism / Womanism)

This week we are continuing our thought process through labor productivity through the lens of Angela Davis. One of the core tenets of black feminism is the overall critique of structures of…

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240130 ARCH 426 Lecture

Hosted Families in Revit

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Week 3 - Black Codes Violations (The Civil Rights Movement)

This past week we spent some time really thinking about how the essence of slavery is maintained through the formation of Black codes in post-emancipation United States.

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Week 3 - Gender and Liberation (Black Feminism / Womanism)

In this lecture, we are thinking through how slave societies and practices evolved and continued into liberation movements in the 1960's - 1970s. We are thinking about the status of black women…

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240125 ARCH 426 Lecture

Continued work on non-hosted family development incorporating various parameter types and using nested families.

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240123 426 Lecture

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240118 ARCH 426 Lecture

More information on Assignment 1, part one and part two. See you on Tuesday.

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W24 - Example CogMap

Zoom Recording ID: 86240778652 UUID: 8LSGPodWQhGsJ/okR9bMFw== Meeting Time: 2024-01-17 09:06:47pmGMT

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W24 - Instructions for Cognitive Maps (CogMaps)

Zoom Recording ID: 87142217209 UUID: bgCjz7qER7OYeq3v5ZZ+GQ== Meeting Time: 2024-01-17 08:43:21pmGMT

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240111 ARCH 426 Lecture

Revit Orientation and start of Assignment 1, part 1

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